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Welcome to the Rugmaker's Homestead for 2016!
Nothing says home quite so well as a rag rug on the floor, especially if you made it yourself. That's the reason that rag rugs have been made, used and loved for generations.

The rugs featured here are the genuine article. These rugs were originally created out of necessity, with limited supplies and only the simplest tools. Unless your family has been rolling in money for generations, you can bet that you have a (great- or great-great-) grandmother or grandfather that made rag rugs of some variety. Rug making has always been practiced by both men and women. In some families, it was only the men who were the rug makers.

But beyond the basic techniques, traditional rugs can be showcases for design and craftsmanship, which are an asset to any home. Plus, they are a wonderful way to connect with the past and continue a family tradition. As part of our mission, we are happy to identify an old family rug for you and point you to the directions to make it.

The Rugmaker's Homestead is a goldmine of information about traditional rag rugs--and the only place you can find any information on many of the lost methods of making rugs. Most people are surprised to learn that there are hundreds of ways of turning rags into rugs. Here, at Rafter-four Designs, we are working toward preserving the traditional rug making techniques which have fallen by the wayside. We believe that the best way to preserve a folk art is to teach folks how to do it with modern, reliable directions
If you're intrigued by the idea of traditional rag rugs, the Rugmaker's Homestead has articles, letters, historical references and free patterns and directions to get you started. Our most popular feature is the Rag Rugs Tour, with 31 different stops covering all of the major types of traditional rugs. There is so much information available here that we have created a Welcome page for first time visitors to help you find your way around the Homestead.
All of the rugs you'll see pictured on the Rugmaker's Homestead were created by our master rugmaker, Diana Blake Gray unless otherwise noted. To see what type of rug it is, just hold the cursor over the image to see its description.
The Table of Contents page is the best guide to finding just what you’re looking for. Organized just like the table of contents for a book, it lists the free how-to articles, rug history and advice for rug makers.
The name of our business is "Rafter-four Designs" and we have been providing books and supplies to traditional rugmakers since 1984. Our “Rugmaker’s Homestead is the oldest rug making site on the internet (since 1996) and is recognized as the best English language website in the world on the topic of rag rugs, by Beesker in Britain, which independently selects websites to be permanently archived by the British Library.


Simple, Spectacular Braided-in Rugs--the long-awaited book on braided-in rugs--is finally ready. See the What's New page for details. To preview the table of contents and an introductory chapter, click here.

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