Fabric Tapestry

by Diana Blake Gray
Master Rugmaker

I’ve probably made more fabric tapestry rugs than of any other single type. They offer unlimited design possibilities and color combinations, so it wasn’t unusual to have several designs waiting in line to be turned into rugs. The key to bringing this technique to life was in developing the standard increase pattern for crocheted rugs. After all, fabric tapestry rugs are tapestry crochet, done with fabric strip.

With the increase pattern and a system for charting patterns I developed (first published in 1984), fabric tapestry rugs became a hit, not just with me, but with all sorts of rug makers everywhere. In the introduction to the current handbook Crocheted and Fabric Tapestry Rugs, (see the pdf file) I discuss a little of the history of the development of the method, including the fact that the Smithsonian could only find one photographic example of a fabric tapestry rug (the same one I had found). But beginning with my books in the early 1980s, that obscurity is now a thing of the past, and fabric tapestry rugs are being made by people all over the world.

Once you’ve got the basics of crocheted rugs, fabric tapestry rugs are an easy transition, and before long, you’ll be creating your own designs. I’ve written so much about these rugs that I’ll stop here and just show some photos of a very few of the possibilities.

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Rugmakers Handbook 3:

Crocheted & Fabric Tapestry Rugs

Fabric Tapestry Rug,
Rose of Sharon Pattern


he Pointsettia pattern was one of my standbys and I made several with red centers and green borders, but it also works in other color schemes.

Round rugs featuring stars and diamonds were always popular.                      Fabric tapestry baskets, yes.

Square fabric tapestry rugs lend themselves to graphic designs, including quilt patterns.

Runners are always practical, whether subdued, bright or subtly patterned.

Above “Hall of the Mountain Gods” an 8-strand rug I made in about 1985.


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