How to Contact the “Rugmaker’s Homestead”…

You can email us at as we move to a more mobile friendly interface. We are also available through Etsy and our Rugmakers Homestead shop there. (see below for details)

We are of course primarily a mail order company, and you can always write an “old fashioned” letter, and send it to Rafter-four Designs, PO Box 40, Cocolalla, ID 83813.

The most asked question is from folks who are trying to learn how to re-create the rugs that ‘Grandma’ made. Before you write to us just saying that she made “rag rugs” be sure to take the tour! You’ll see that there are dozens of ways to make “rag rugs” and we need a bit more information to help you with the particular type she may have made. See if there is a similar looking rug on the tour. It also helps to describe the type of tools and materials that Grandma used, and any other details you know. We’ve helped a lot of folks to re-establish a family rug making tradition.

Sometimes the only way for us to firmly identify an old rag rug is through photographs. You can send photos as attached JPEG (.jpg) files — but please edit your file size to under 500K, and include text explaining what the photo is. You can also mail snapshots to us. Be sure to include a large stamped self-addressed envelope.

There is never a charge for identifying your old rug!

On the etsy version of the Rugmakers Homestead: All of our current rug books plus Pre-folded cotton fabric strip, hot pad kits and PDF files of out of print books for instant download in a mobile-friendly environment. Just click on the Rugmakers Homestead link below or any of the photos shown.

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